Schwartz’s Art – Fall

Fall is the season for energy renewal. Much like how the trees lose their leaves to prepare for winter and make room for growth, it is our time to shed energy we’ve been harvesting for the past season to make room for new beginnings.

Schwartz’s Art – July

As I create each and every one of my sculpture, I try to picture the audience, the people who will inherit the piece in the future and benefit from the healing essence it emanates in their home.

Summer Beginnings

Bali, Indonesia is a place full of life, color, and culture that are one of a kind. A trip to such a breathtaking place inspires me as an artist as I see the wild beauty of the natural and elemental parts of this exotic island.

Mother’s Day – May

Nothing is more powerful than a mother’s love to her child.
This month as we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 12th, we should take time to give appreciation and extra love to our dear mothers and grandmothers.

This Month in Art – October

A cool embrace envelops all things in the wake of autumn. This is a season of gradual change as warm temperatures make way for warmer colors and the comforts of the season avail themselves once more.

Art in Spring

As spring comes along, let’s enjoy the sweet smell in the air, the sounds of the birds, and the hints of warm summer to come.

Los Angeles Premiere Home

Featured at a beautiful premiere LA home with a sleek, modern style and a touch of nature from Dorit’s finest sculptures where modern-industrial meets natural, resilient woods.

When Lover’s Dance

After the long Summer, I have created this piece for you created with beautiful, exotic woods and I would love to share this video with you to show the creative process of my inspiration. Indulge with me!

Inspiring Beauty – The Wood of Thailand

A recent trip into Thailand has unearthed inspiring new possibilities for artist Dorit Schwartz. The discovery of amazingly unique wood pieces will lead the way to even more stunning sculptures that fuse these distinctive woods with other alluring natural materials.

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