Dorit Schwartz Sculptor Blooming of the Spirit

This Month in Art – October

A cool embrace envelops all things in the wake of autumn. This is a season of gradual change as warm temperatures make way for warmer colors and the comforts of the season avail themselves once more. The annual cycle of renewal has begun, bringing once again breathtaking browns, rich reds, and glorious gold of the leaves falling from the wood that I love so much. I am so inspired by all of the beauty that surrounds me in this season and I look forward to sharing the fruits of this unique harvest with you.

Sculptor Dorit Schwartz with Blooming of the Spirit art piece

“Blooming of the Spirit”
Quartz Crystal, Mahoni Wood, Stainless Steel Base, Lights

“True beauty is rarely static and takes no preference in where it can be found; like a blooming spirit towards the truest expression of our inner self.”

Sculptor Dorit Schwartz - Vine of the Soul II
Vine of the Soul II
White Quartz, Indonesian Rosewood, High-Polish Stainless Steel Base, Lights
60 in. x 36 in.
Just as the body is made of vein and sinew, the soul is a tapestry of tightly woven threads; each representative of a singularly affecting experience or influence. Each thread is itself a vine…bearing its own distinctive fruit, intended to nourish the soul. The playful contours of the Indonesian Rosewood provide natural cradles for the blooming white quartz pieces found throughout the sculpture.
With Dorit Schwartz world-class art, she brings her modern-organic sensibility to spectacular design projects around the country. Known for her stunning works of art that are a window into the past and a bridge to the future, Dorit’s design acclaim is to artfully weave together a tapestry of nature’s findings, and carefully-curated woods from around the world.
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