Poise by Dorit Schwartz

Schwartz’s Art – Poise

Dimensions: 69 x 42 x 16 inches

Poise is a beautiful resin sculpture that includes a suspended Kyanite crystal on a high-polish stainless steel base with lights. The architecture lights cast a beautiful shadow that presents a mystical figure onto any surface. The elongated curves of this piece mimic a dancer frozen in a graceful pose and will be an excellent addition to any space. 

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On Kyanite Crystals

Kyanite is a crystal known for bringing tranquility in order to help promote more effective communication. Through this crystal you will be able to speak your truth and be relieved from anxiety. As a high vibrational stone, Kyanite is able to strengthen your connection to a higher consciousness, and you will be more receptive to healing energy. Kyanite is also a highly versatile stone that does not have to be cleansed. 

A sneak peek at the process of making Poise!

I take great care in individually crafting each of my pieces, and I love sharing my process with all of you. In order to convey motion, I took to creating a grand sculptural piece with hints of crystalline elements. A dancers movements greatly inspired the gestural curves of the resin sculpture, leading to a final piece of work that is filled with, well, Poise!

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