Summer Beginnings

Artist Journey Through Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia is a place full of life, color, and culture that are one of a kind. A trip to such a breathtaking place inspires me as an artist as I see the wild beauty of the natural and elemental parts of this exotic island.

From the luscious green forests, to the glistening blue beaches, it’s an island paradise that invokes serenity and peace to any traveller.

As the beginning of the summer solstice approaches, this trip was just what I needed to start up my creative process for my new collection. I toured around to meet local people, artisans, and to discover beautiful places for inspiration.

I met local artisans and wood carvers to get a glimpse of their work and learn new techniques that has been passed on for generations. On a trip like this, I’m always on the hunt for new, exotic wood for my sculptures.

Every step in Bali gives me a sense of peace and harmony, an inspiration to my work. The landscape and scenery is astonishing that you have to really see for yourself in order to capture the beauty of it all. The historical architecture reminds of the beautiful history of Indonesia. The landscape absorbs me into the natural element of the island.

Lastly, I cannot forget the people of Indonesia. Their positivity and outlook of life is an inspiration to me as a traveller and artist. One can learn so much by just meeting and engaging with them, listening to their stories and watching their daily way of life.

A trip to Bali is truly a one of a kind experience. As an artist, it gave me a sense of direction, a vision for my upcoming projects, and as the beginning of this summer approaches, I wish for my art to develop in a way that also inspires people and provide peace and harmony just like Bali did for me.

Wishing you all a wonderful start of the summer!


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