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This Month in Art – January


“Facets of Life”
Quartz, Apophylite, Acacia Wood, High-Polished Stainless Steel Base, Lights
72 x 36 x 15 inches

Facets of Life

            “A mind that is constantly learning, a soul that is warm and welcoming, a heart that is strong and open, and a body capable enough to house them all; these are the basic pieces needed to embark on the journey that lies ahead of us.” 

Nowadays, there are so many people who use the mantra, “New Year, New Me.” We should not seek to be a blank slate, but instead take stock in the journey that we have been on and to make an inventory of the lessons we’ve learned and strength we’ve gained along the way. This is the idea behind my newest creation three years in the making: “Facets of Life.” There are many things that comprise a person and every year, we are fortunate to add a few new lessons. In the three years that encompassed its creation, “Facets of Life” has challenged me to express my truest visions of who I am and why I create the way I do. I have come out of it not with a new version of myself, but a renewed appreciation of all of the things that make me who I am. While no one can say what this year will bring, it is my most sincere wish that through it all, you gain an appreciation for who you are and how you got here.

This new year has brought Dorit many avenues to express her creativity. Indulging her love for the immersion of the world in such artistic forms, she has created this collection to share with everyone.
Please welcome her new collection of beautiful clusters of earth, called
“The Crystalline Collection.”
Choice of crystal orders are available upon request

3 crystal clusters sculptor Dorit Schwartz

green crystal sculptor Dorit Schwartz


Apophyllite is a crystal of facilitating and strengthening conscious, intended connection with the spiritual world. The spiritual connection of Apophyllite makes it an excellent helper crystal for deep meditation, mystical vision, and inter-dimensional or astral travel. One thing this assists is our ability to see and comprehend our own behaviors and attitudes which fearful avoidance may have kept hidden. With a calm knowledge of that which is in ourselves, we can find our way to move on both in practical life and spiritually.

With Dorit Schwartz world-class art, she brings her modern-organic sensibility to spectacular design projects around the country. Known for her stunning works of art that are a window into the past and a bridge to the future, Dorit’s design acclaim is to artfully weave together a tapestry of nature’s findings, and carefully-curated woods from around the world.
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