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This Month in Art – August

The presence of the spiritual history of the universe guides us all through our walk on this earth. The sharing of the ancient wisdoms attained by all of humankind through our relationship with God is a sacred duty; one, which we must pass on to future generations…a torch to light the way. The Hebrew letters carved into the selenite heart of this piece is one of the seventy-two names of God and is a representation of this duty.

Sharing the Flame by Sculptor Dorit Schwartz Hand-carved Selenite and Acacia Wood
“Sharing the Flame”
Hand-Carved Selenite, Acacia Wood, High-Polish Stainless Steel Base, Lights
57 in. x 31 in. x 12 in.

Drawing inspiration from previously completed sculptures, Dorit has begun work on a limited edition collection of hand-painted lithographs. Each lithograph will feature a unique and exciting new take on one of Dorit’s beloved sculptures and will be individually numbered and signed by the artist. Featured above are recently completed versions of “Spark of Love” and “Arabesque.” 

Dorit is one of the twelve spectacular artists selected for an upcoming ‘Art & BMW’ showing at the Osaka BMW Showroom in Japan! On August 30, the American Chamber of Commerce Japan, Kansai, Food Bank Kansai, and Kitano Alley Gallery will be presenting our BMW Art Cars!


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