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October Newsletter

The love of a parent is like no other force in the universe. It provides the strength to do the impossible…to move the immovable and bear the unbearable. It is the motivation of divine origin; it moves us to sacrifice parts of ourselves so that our progeny may have what we may not…or to protect them from the dangers we may know all too well. Our children will still venture into life without us by their side, but as long as we live, we serve as the home they may always return to…the shelter from the storms they will face.

Featured this month is, “Sheltered Love.” This piece is one that will always have a set eyes on it when it is in a room, whether those eyes belong to one of the inhabitants or a visitor.

This sculpture pulls together spaces and creates a peaceful atmosphere for those around it. With the bronzed wood and sparkling crystal, the combination makes it a beautiful contemporary piece that would go well in most, if not all rooms. 

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