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November Newsletter

As the year comes to a close, November is the month to tie loose ends. Follow any inclinations you feel internally, whether that’s calling a loved one, driving down a familiar street with no particular purpose or taking a walk through nature. The inclinations you feel throughout this month is your soul prompting you to finish old business to prepare for the new year. I hope the energy of the crystal in the piece featured below, Sheltered Love, creates a transformation for this month of November. 

Photo taken by Lydia Cutter at Lydia Cutter Photography

The love of a parent is like no other force in the universe. It provides the strength to do the impossible…to move the immovable and bear the unbearable. It is the motivation of divine origin; it moves us to sacrifice parts of ourselves so that our progeny may have what we may not…or to protect them from the dangers we may know all too well. Our children will still venture into life without us by their side, but as long as we live, we serve as the home they may always return to…the shelter from the storms they will face. 

Sheltered Love is made out of Indonesian Rosewood, Quartz Crystal, High-Polish Stainless Steel, and architecture light and measures 52 x 28 x 16 in.

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One of the things I love about my line of work is going on expeditions to find the perfect crystal for my clients.  An interesting body of work I saw on my journey was a beautiful collection of marble Buddha sculptures.

I also came across a vast array of the most stunning Amethyst geodes. There was such a diverse group of amethysts, showcasing different shapes and sizes, reminding me of how different people can be as well. These pieces also provided me with a lot of inspiration, making me excited to create more beautiful pieces to share. 

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