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Dorit Schwartz’s innate curiosity and sense of the meta-physical fostered a lifelong kinship with nature and the elements therein. Schwartz’s work is indicative of a never-ending exploration of the synthesis of the natural and the spiritual. She began her artistic journey with clay, moved onto marble carving, and now works with wood and crystal. Her discovery and appreciation of the smoothness of acacia wood; the cool feel of marble; the roughness of discarded mortars; the vibrancy of colorful crystal and their healing properties magnified her admiration of both the old and the new. Thus, she began incorporating reclaim wood into her work, recovering its history and presenting it anew. As the Resident Artist for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Las Vegas Chapter, Dorit create the iconic sculptural work: “Celebration of Life.” Pieces from this collection can be seen at various landmark locations through the city of Las Vegas. Dorit’s sculptures can also be found on permanent display in numerous private collections around the world, with prominent pieces in London, Zurich, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York.

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