Inner Dancer by sculptor Dorit Schwartz (30 x 13 inches), Red Coral from the Mediterranean Sea, painted Teak Wood, High-Polished Stainless Steel, LED Lights

Brand New Artwork Inspired By Fall 

Each piece is composed of rare crystals, reclaimed woods, built-in lighting, iron and high-polished steel. Each crystal adds its own unique energetic signature, vigor and delicacy. 

The Light Within is a collection of crystal and wood sculptures that lyrically express spiritual enhancement and power, particularly that of the natural world. 

My Faves

“Spiritual” 2023
“Inner Dancer” 2020
“Root of the Spirit” 2023

“Beyond the Light III”

The Light Within collection emphasizes its poetic tale in physical terms of the invisible. It is a vision of unity and transparency. These elements and sensibility coalesce in my work to express something metaphysical as seen in the organic rounded shape of an iconic center of Quartz Crystal, rooted in lovely acacia wood.


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