LV Review Journal – Celebrity interior designers showcase skills at World Market Center show

Sculptor Dorit Schwartz at World Market Center show

Las Vegas Review Journal article by Buck Wargo Real Estate Millions featuring the work of a re-known Las Vegas based sculptor Dorit Schwartz and other famous designers at World Market Center show.

Television celebrities and designers, including one based in Las Vegas, combined forces and showcased the latest trends in interior design during this week’s World Market Center winter home furnishings’ show.

Sculptor Dorit Schwartz at World Market Center show

The group did a temporary staging in a new 10,000-square-foot, two-story modern home in the historic area near the World Market Center. It was also on display during last week’s International Builders’ Show and companion shows in Las Vegas.

Sculptor Dorit Schwartz at World Market Center show

“This gives people a chance to visualize what a home would look like with our furniture in it,” said Moss, who described what she and McDonald did as “design a sophisticated modern minimalist, Zen, organic and tranquil compound, artfully coupled with bold, unexpected components reminiscent of Las Vegas vibrancy and show home worth flair, all within a sustainable home of state-of-the-art technologies.”

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