Press Article by Laura Henkel PHD

The crystal sphere placed in the flowers of the fig tree – magnificent and glorious – this is the holy Buddha. The fig tree has four long branches, which extend in the four directions beyond the limits of the world sphere. (Kmer Buddhist Text, Francois Bizot)

Dorit Schwartz’s sublime sculptures lyrically express spiritual enhancement and power, particularly that of the natural world. This is poetic ekphrasis, telling the tale, in physical terms, of the invisible, a vision of unity and transparency. A crystal within the branches of a tree, the creation of open space to contain a metaphysical heart of agate or amethyst. Schwartz’s remarkable works featured in this fascinating, profound and informative book are made of beautiful hand carved materials including rare wood, and gemstones.

The magic of all of Schwartz’s work includes a quiet evocation of the spiritual. No overt symbols exist, rather seemingly simple shapes stand, like nautilus shells, hidden treasures often at the core. The artist has worked the surface and form, however, her interventions are subtle, and almost seamlessly perfect, the objects seem touched by elements, weathered by the sky, by rain, by the ocean. She has maintained a classical paradigm, adherence to the truth of materials, as first expressed by the alternately smooth and rough marbles of the great 19th century French artist Auguste Rodin and the late 19th – early 20th century Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. These elements and sensibility coalesce in Schwartz’s work to express something metaphysical as seen in the organic rounded shape of Contemplation composed of an iconic center of selenite crystal, rooted in lovely acacia wood, suggesting meditative and spiritual experience.

The search for ascension and the attainment of spiritual elevation is present in all religion, whether Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Judaism, Islam or Hindu and many other belief systems and philosophies. What Schwartz captures in her work is this invisible truth, a metaphysical concept that is represented by the distilled purity of nature, masterfully created in hand made sculptures of the utmost earthly material. In Schwartz’s extraordinary oeuvre, nature functions as the model for the synergetic, symbiotic and cyclical, an inspired expression of personal spiritual harmony.
Her body of work may be seen around the world,

Dr. Laura Henkel, ArtCulture PR


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