Dorit Schwartz in Zip Code Magazine

Dorit Schwartz in Zipcode Magazine
Local Artisan Dorit Schwartz in Zip Code Magazine:

My works of art represent expressive forms that explore sensuality, inviting people in, magnetically drawing them to physically feel the sculptures. I revel in working with such rare mediums as crystals, raw stone, and reclaimed wood to inspire the observer to journey from element to element, eventually taking in the entire piece as a whole – interpreting and discovering in them personal meaning as their feelings combine with the art.

Nature is a powerful force; one that evokes inward emotion that compels us to react, feel and contemplate our strengths and vulnerabilities. The warmth of the sun makes us joyful; the turmoil of wind and wave beckons confrontation with helplessness; observation of the star filled heavens reminds us that we are a minute part of something so much larger than ourselves. This is what makes life meaningful and diverse. The artwork of Dorit Schwartz demands that we reckon with all that nature brings to our lives. Inspired and viscerally intriguing, her sculptures capture the beauty and imperfection that only the natural world provides. We asked her about her work, where she derives inspiration and why Las Vegas has an impact on her art.

Your artwork is clearly inspired by natural elements. What is the connection between the two?

I have always had a deep appreciation for the organic beauty found in nature.

At a very early age, I was intrigued by its diversity and this innate curiosity propelled me to explore the world around us. As a sculptor, I am drawn towards organic shapes and textures naturally occurring in the environment. The synergy between stone, various other mediums, and my artistry dictate the visual forms that ultimately emerge. The gifts of Mother Nature really inspire my work.

Just as the seasons change, so does your art. How have the medians you work with evolved over your career?

I began my artistic journey with clay, moved on to marble carving, and now work with wood and crystal. My discovery and appreciation of the smoothness of acacia wood; the cool feel of marble; the roughness of discarded mortars; the vibrancy of colorful crystals and their healing properties magnified my admiration of both the old and the new. I then began incorporating reclaimed wood into my work, recovering its history and presenting it anew. It is a magnificent way to celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature. This metamorphosis and development are the driving force behind my new contemporary collection, The Light Within. This collection, as well as the Light of Kabbalah anthology, are composed of crystals, reclaimed rare woods, hand-carved selenite, built-in lighting, iron and high-polished steel. They represent balance and harmony in nature.

Speaking of your collections, there’s a montage of your work that has special notoriety on the local scene. How did that come about?

In 2008 I served full-time as the Resident Artist for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Las Vegas Chapter. This was when I first created my sculptural work, “Celebration of Life,” and worked very closely with the Encore Home Store. Pieces from this collection can be seen at various locations throughout the city of Las Vegas, such as The Discovery Children’s Museum, The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Downtown Summerlin, Summerlin Hospital, UNLV, City Hall, and Symphony Park at The Smith Center.

What is it about our city that fosters the art/nature connection that drives you?

It’s the rare beauty of the desert landscape that we have here, particularly Red Rock, that’s my favorite part. It’s definitely a peaceful and serene environment that helps inspire my creative process.

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