When lovers dance with dancer by Dorit Schwartz

When Lover’s Dance

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Summer is winding down and our outward expression is getting ready to take a rest as we go within to the time of renewal, a time to stay dedicated to yourself and enjoy life feeling into the preciousness of your energy. In the September month, we begin to transition from the summer warmth to the cozy months of Fall. I’ve had a great Summer well spent with family & friends and new inspirations that I would love to share with you. It is a new piece of mine that was created slightly different from the others and I am happy to finally present it to you!

When Lover's Dance | Crystal and Indonesian Rosewood Sculpture by Dorit Schwartz
“When Lover’s Dance” by Dorit Schwartz 72 x 30 in

A Delicate Quartz crystal goes bold with deep and resilient Indonesian Rosewood. Light illuminating from above awakens the heart, and facilitates deep inner peace. The shadows from the piece add depth and mystery to the branches of the Rosewood, finished beautifully with a crystal cradled in the heart of the piece to create, “The Power of Love.”

When Lover's Dance with Dancer | Crystal and Indonesian Rosewood Sculpture by Dorit Schwartz

When Lover’s dance, they dance like songbirds who sing and twirl into the skyline of their dreams. They dance through the shadows of the moonlight as crystals shine through the movement of love. The piece embodies the love of two dancers who sway along the beauty of passion.

After the long Summer, I have created this piece for you created with beautiful, exotic woods and I would love to share this video with you to show the creative process of my inspiration. Indulge with me!


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