Bond of Love

Swing Into Spring with Dorit Schwartz Sculptor

“A light exists in Spring, not present on the year,
At any other period – when March is scarcely here”

Emily Dickinson
Bond of Love
Scolecite, Indonesian Rosewood Roots, Brushed Brass Base
22 x 23 x 14 inches

Beautiful woods in their most organic form foster the energies of vitality, expansion and growth. As a symbolism of health and abundance, wood warms the spaces surrounding us with well being.
This Spring, as you welcome new beginnings, may you find joy and reassurance in the newness of life’s many manifestations. 

Poetry in Motion

Mahoni Wood and Quartz Crystal, High Polished Stainless-Steel Base, Lights
87 x 37 x 20 inches

Crystalline Light Collection

The Crystalline Light is a collection of agate crystals that lyrically express spiritual enhancement and power, particularly that of the natural world. Each piece is composed of agate crystal, high-polished steel base, wood base, onyx base, or plexi base. Each crystal adds it’s own unique energetic signature, vigor and delicacy that represent balance and harmony in nature.

Motherly Love: Twin Quartz Crystal & Onyx Base  
12 x 5 x 5 inches
Lake of Love:  Tamarind Wood & Quartz Crystal 
21 x 16.5 x 5 inches

Tamarind Wood Meets Quartz Crystal 

The bright complexity of Tamarind Wood and Quartz Crystal complement each other perfectly, bringing elegance and luxury to outdoor living or displays.

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