Dorit Schwartz at the Wynn Home Store

End of Summer Greeting

Spirit Guides - Crystal & Wood Sculpture by Fine Artist Dorit Schwartz

End of Summer Greeting

Dear Friends,

I hope your summer has been amazing and full of laughter, love and discovery. For me, it has been an inspirational summer and one I am not ready to have come to an end. Yet with every ending comes a new beginning and an opportunity to begin with a clean slate, positivity and many blessings. My blessings began with the creation of new sculptures for The Light Within Collection.

My other blessing has been a continued residency at The Wynn Home Store. Every time I go to visit I am stunned by how beautiful and cohesive my pieces work with the layout and meticulous placement of every object. It is an incredible example of how extreme care and intentional placement can transform a rooms energy. This takes place through the crystals and the vibrational frequency they emanate into the room, which in turn works with our energy to bring about balance and harmony.

Dorit Schwartz Fine Art Sculpture at the Wynn Home Store

Dorit Schwartz Fine Art Crystal & Wood Sculpture at the Wynn Home Store

Crystal of the Month of August: Garnet

Crystal of the Month of August: Garnet

Garnet provides a stable, balanced connection between the physical, the spiritual, and the nervous system. It both monitors and adjusts the flow of energy, providing for a balanced energy field around the physical body, and aligning the emotional, and the intellectual bodies with the perfect vibration of a Higher Power. This crystal can also help attract new friends to you for who you really are. To those who feel isolated and misunderstood this stone will help to attract like-minded people to you.


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