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April 2015 Newsletter

Dorit’s Sculptures at DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal Galleries in Key West!

Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art • Chai Lights Exhibit • Jewish Artists & Art of Las Vegas • October 2014

New Line from The Light Within Collection

Behold: The Matrix!

With Springtime in full swing here on the West coast, I’ve created the first in a new series of Light Within Sculptures perfect for the new season.

Traditionally, Springtime has always been akin to renewal, rejuvenation, and new beginnings.  Our yearly Spring cleaning rituals offers each of us ample time to reflect and do away with the past.

I’ve been inspired by the old classic story of Free Will and choice: to awaken or continue to sleep…?  As it is for each individual to answer his/her own question, I have kept the light within this sculpture a pure white.  And I will illuminate specific pieces at the collector’s request in the color of their choice.

The question now is: Red Light or Blue Light… What do you think!?

“You take the blue pill: The story ends…you awake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill: You stay in Wonderland…and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes!” – Morpheus to Neo, The Matrix


Introducing: The Light Within • Hearts Collection
Sneak Peak of The Hearts Collection to be featured at the Derubeis Fine Art of Metal Gallery in Keywest, FL • Spring 2015.

Recapturing The Spark of The Soul, Sculpture

Breath of Life

Brazilian Agate, Stainless Steel, Lights
23 x 24 x 8 in.

Heaven on Earth - Sculpture

Beating Heart

Quartz, Acacia Wood, Stainless Steel, Lights
21 x 15 x 8 in.

Happiness - Sculpture

Pink Heart

Brazilian Agate, Stainless Steel, Lights
23 x 24 x 8 in.

Soul - Sculpture

Open Heart

Quartz, Acacia Wood, Stainless Steel, Lights
19 x 18 x 8 in.

Sweet Little Article on Vegas Rated Magazine
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Many thanks to BLVDS Magazine for featuring our ‪#CelebrationofLife‬ Sculptures Collection in this month’s Downtown Issue! Read it here:

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I create inspirational sculptures made of crystal & rare woods that are exhibited in unique, world-wide venues & adorn personal homes. – Dorit Schwartz, Sculptor

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