This Month in Art – July
This month's featured sculpture is from The Light Within Collection and is called "Divine Creation."
A Perfect Gift from Mother Nature to You
May is the time to say thank you to the women who nurtured us and given us unconditional love.
Art in Spring
As spring comes along, let's enjoy the sweet smell in the air, the sounds of the birds, and the hints of warm summer to come.
The power of Love
Let this month guide you to tune into the love vibrating within your heart, body, and all around you.
This month in Art – January
Every piece of art has a heart and a soul granted by its creator that lifts it higher onto a new plane of existence.
From my heart to yours, Happy Holidays!
For the season of joy and the holidays, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you...
Los Angeles Premiere Home
Featured at a beautiful premiere LA home with a sleek, modern style and a touch of nature from Dorit's finest sculptures where modern-industrial meets natural, resilient woods.
When Lover’s Dance
After the long Summer, I have created this piece for you created with beautiful, exotic woods and I would love to share this video with you to show the creative process of my inspiration. Indulge with me!
Inspiring Beauty – The Wood of Thailand
A recent trip into Thailand has unearthed inspiring new possibilities for artist Dorit Schwartz. The discovery of amazingly unique wood pieces will lead the way to even more stunning sculptures that fuse these distinctive woods with other alluring natural materials.
Featured Piece • April 2017 “Abundance of Unity”
Delicate white quartz crystal goes bold with deep and resilient Found Wood! The details in the wood add depth and mystery to this piece. Finished beautifully with a crystal cradled in the heart of the wood, this piece is sure to transform any space.
Dorit Schwartz Featured As A Local Artisan In Greater Las Vegas
Featured as the local artisan of Las Vegas, Dorit shares her insights on what drives her creative connection in this city.
Artist in Residency – Ascaya Las Vegas
For the season of joy and the holidays, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you!
Dorit Schwartz at the Ascaya lobby
I am honored to be the featured artist for "Vino with a view" at the Ascaya lobby "Where Dreams Live."
Dorit Schwartz at the Delano, Las Vegas
Please join us to experience Dorit Schwartz at Delano, Las Vegas.